Swooning in Salzburg

After three long days in Munich had passed, it was time to head to Salzburg. This was the only location on the trip that I had already visited and I was itching to go back and fulfil a three year-old promise. The question is: did I succeed?

Despite our late arrival in Munich, German trains are generally very reliable and I was impressed that this particular train was equipped with WiFi. I’m not talking about that typical train WiFi that has much Internet connection as a dead rat; this actually worked. Compared to our previous 11-hour jaunt, the trip to Salzburg was smooth and relatively uneventful. Suffice it to say that my confidence in the German locomotive was once again restored.

Although I had already been to Salzburg, it had only been for a few hours, so I was hardly an expert on the city. While the last minute booking had paid off in Florence, we certainly paid the price in Salzburg. Muffin Hostel has no WiFi, it doesn’t accept card payments and, for the first time, our group was separated. Don’t get me wrong, we’re big boys and girls now, but having spent the past ten days together, it was strange to have to leave one person behind and share with strangers. Almost as strange as the Ikea teddies attached to the room keys. Still, we had beds and a roof over our heads.

Nonetheless, Salzburg delivered just as it had before. As an unashamed Mozart fan, I was delighted to see Mozartplatz and the Geburtshaus again, albeit from the outside this time. The one place that I hadn’t had the chance to see during my first trip was Mozart’s Wohnhaus where he had lived for a number of years It was then that I vowed to go in when I next visited. The others were not as infatuated as I, so like parents caring for an overexcited child, they let me go in alone. It was an hour well-spent, both to keep the promise I had made and to discover more about Salzburg’s very own musical prodigy. A must for Mozart lovers.

Because you can never have enough photos of The Big Man.
Because you can never have enough photos of The Big Man.

With only a day in town, we spent most of our time wandering by the riverside and seeing as much as we could in such a short space of time. Not to mention the relatively long journey time between the city and the hostel. I was still gushing about Mozart at this point, so it didn’t bother me that we didn’t see the castle or that we had somehow managed to end up in a deserted corner of Salzburg.

After a poor night’s sleep (thanks to our room-mate’s incessant snoring), it was back to the train station for another journey to another city. It was another short break in Salzburg, but I did everything that I had gone there to do.

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