Je suis de retour!

Greetings to you all! As promised a few weeks ago, I am starting to get back into this blogging lark and, now that I have finished gallivanting around Europe, it’s time for me to do some writing.

Naturally, when a linguist spends 21 days frolicking the lands of Europe surrounded by a multitude of cultures and languages, he comes back with a lot of stories to tell, so expect plenty of content from me over the coming days. Rather than slaving over a single ‘master-post’ for my recent geographical endeavours (I’m running out of synonyms for travelling…) I have decided to split them into their respective locations in a travel-blog-wannabe kind of style. Who knows, maybe someone out there will find them useful.
As you might expect, I have many exciting linguistic stories to tell, all of which will come with the up-coming posts. So, provided that I haven’t left my muse at the bar in Munich or in the Vltava River, expect a little more movement on this dusty corner of the Internet over the coming days and weeks.

P.S. I promise not to write another “I’m back” post for a long time. I get as fed up of them as you do :p

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