Tackling a Common Problem – The Birth of the Language Log

Before writing this post, I Googled “everyday phrases in French” and in just 0.24 seconds, I (or rather, Google) was able to find 6.3 million web pages relating to my query. I browsed through just three of these and they all made the same error that I’m sure many of the 6,299,997 other results made.… Read More Tackling a Common Problem – The Birth of the Language Log


Read this post in English below. It might read as if it were written by a three-year-old. Such is my standard of Chinese. Corrections and criticisms are welcome. 从我开始学中文,很想去中国。中国的文化,历史,景点,当然,中国菜都有趣。我想探索。但是,有一个问题:去中国非常贵!我是大学生,没有钱。 可是,我很喜欢旅行。每天,我和我外婆一起度假。我们去过意大利,奥地利,希腊等等但是我们总是住在欧洲因为很容易。我们不需要签证,飞行不太长,不太贵。很简单。但是,明年,我们打算实现我的梦想。我们呀去中国。 对,签证不便宜(70左右英镑),飞行好长(我是英国人,对我来说5个小时很长。去中国要花12个小时…),我们没有文化的认识,公共厕所很…奇怪。但是,我想看长城,天安门广场和故宫。我要吃正宗的中国菜。当然,还有相联系我的中文哦。所以,明年4月,我们住在北京10天。如果我们有足够的钱了,就坐火车去西安看兵马俑。我很想去上海,但是那太贵了。我在未来打算去。 2014年会是非常好的年!我很兴奋了。祝贺大家新年好。谢谢。 Ever since I started to learn Chinese, I have wanted to go to China. Chinese culture, history, attractions and, of course, food are… Read More 我要去中国!